I hired Lis Suppo to organize my kitchen cabinets. She not only transformed the entire space from a cluttered, disorganized jumble into a well thought-out, functional, aesthetically appealing space. I was so impressed by her positive energy, easy non-judgmental manner, and professional skills, I soon had her tackle our master bedroom closet. Again, she worked magic, transforming the space and helping me purge and donate a lot of unused and unwanted, clearing a space for new energy and a clean, “refreshed” feel. She’d had a subtle-yet-massive difference in our lives.

When I discovered that she is also an interior decorator, we pulled out all the stops and enlisted her to help us transform the entire house. What was once a rarely-used “sun room” (essentially a dumping ground for mismatched furniture) became a gorgeous office space. My husband’s tired, outdated office is now a beautiful Zen Room the whole family uses to relax and enjoy. Our children’s bedrooms are now perfectly styled to match their personalities with fun, fresh, contemporary décor. The kitchen is gasp-worthy; an unbelievably chic transformation that has us inviting people over (where before we felt a degree of shame over the outdated look of the place). Lis worked with her team of builders and painters, making things happen swiftly and cost-effectively. We could not be happier with the end result.

Lis is a kind, intelligent, radiant being and savvy businesswoman. I can honestly say she has changed my life by changing my home and my whole mindset toward home organization. She is truly like a magical modern-day Mary Poppins who has breathed new life and magic into our home, to the benefit of everyone in the family. I cannot recommend this business and these services highly enough!

Melissa Devaney

Lis has been the GREATEST help with designing my apartment. I had absolutely no idea where to start and was completely overwhelmed. Together we began picking pieces and suddenly my entire place was put together & I’m love with my space. I truly cannot recommend her enough! I can’t imagine having furnished/designed it without Lis by my side.


“I’ve worked with Lis on multiple projects over the last two years. She is upbeat, professional and dedicated.

I’ve worked with her side-by-side organizing my office, given basic direction in my kitchen and given her free reign in my children’s rooms. In every circumstance, I’ve been impressed by her creativity and cost effective solutions. She gave me both the confidence and motivation to tackle frustrating storage and organizational issues that I had been procrastinating on and struggling with for years. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Lisa Merzon
Greenwich, CT.

“Lis Suppo (My Exclusive Organizer) came to the rescue this summer when me and my family moved into our new home. We decided to downsize into an older home which presented several challenges including less closet space. We decided that we did want not bulky furniture in the master bedroom so we had to be creative and utilize the limited space we had to the greatest possible extent.
Lis literally waved her magic wand and within 2 days all of my belongings were neatly organized in my closet.

She weeded through my unpacked boxes and laid out my shoes on the shelves. It was the first time in years that I had actually seen all the shoes I owned in one place. I always kept my shoes in their boxes but Lis taught me how to place them on the shelves to maximize the space. Now I can view all of the shoes I have so no more guess work. She gave me so many tips from different ways to fold my t-shirts and undergarments to organizing my bags and jewelry.

We took a field trip to the Container Store and she showed me how various bins could work for me in different spaces, even rooms that she wasn’t organizing for me. She also helped me to work with a store closet designer to configure my son’s closet the best way possible.

I would definitely hire My Exclusive Organizer again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to organize their life.”

Jeanine Urban
Greenwich CT.

“I recently hired My Exclusive Organizer to makeover my closet. I’m a chef in NYC and I don’t have the time to tackle it myself.
Lis and her team definitely took it to the next level with so many practical and creative ideas. She is very professional and detail oriented. She is like a “personal trainer” for the organized home! We also went shopping together for the next project, my pantry. I can’t wait to see it done! I highly recommend My Exclusive Organizer. I can’t imagine anyone that doesn’t need their services.”

Carol Fontana

Lis made a VERY daunting task a breeze to get through. Her positive energy and expertise helped me organize and purge a long overdue master closet makeover and all this during our time in lockdown! Thank you Lis!!!

Lisa lavine

“Lis is fantastic! She has wonderful ideas and puts them to work to get your space ultra-organized. I am very organized myself, but she took my kitchen pantry to a whole new level!”

Liz Tommazino
Greenwich, CT.