Virtual Organizing

This is a great way to Organize your space in COVID times. It is also the most budget friendly option.

First you will work with an organizer during a 1 hr video call where we'll share with you the steps you need to star getting organized according to your specific needs. This includes How to Edit your belongings and design of your organize system.

You will have "Homework" to do on your own until the next time we meet (or if you don't feel confortable, we can work thru it with via camera).

The next session we will review the work you have been able to achieve and continue perfecting your organizing system.

The best part about Virtual Organizing is the you can schedule as many session as you need, or you can do as much work on your own.

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In-Home full service

We do most of the work having your specific needs and wants as a guideline to design your organization systems. (We highly suggest you work with us during the edit part. We'll help you decide, in a "fun" way, what stays and what goes.


Edit - Categorizing - Containing = Organizing

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Interior Design

We always say Organizing is the Interior Design behind doors and drawers. But we are ready to transform your whole house!

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Coaching & Mentorship

As a Tony Robbins platinum partner I have studied and immersed myself in a verity of different techniques to help you reach your goals and live a fulfilling life.

✔ First, we'll work identifying your limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living to your highest potential.

✔ Then, we will develop new patterns to overcome those beliefs and create new habits.

✔ Finally, we will reinforce those new patterns to reach your goals and live a more fulfilled life.

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